Which Type Glass Shower Doors Is Best?

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Which type glass shower doors is best will depend upon what size the room is, what colors and decor one has, what the individual likes, prices, what is available and this list could go on and on. There are only so many types of glass shower doors too, but generally speaking, they are all really pretty, safe and clean in the end.

One of the particular types of glass shower doors is the sliding kind. This is by far the most common design of shower doors used. They open without any swing whatsoever into the room, so they can be a great space saving item as well.

Another of the various types of glass shower doors is that of the curved door. They have a curved door bound to a framework at the top and bottom. They can make more space in the shower than other corner installations. The door will reverse to open left or right.

Next, there is the bi-fold glass shower doors. These have two panels that are hinged in the center. They fold into the shower and not into the room. The doors ride on a track at the bottom. The doors are really wonderful for where space is a problem.