Frameless shower doors

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Frameless shower doors are light to the touch. You do not have to use a lot of force when you open these doors. This minimizes the possibility of falling on the wet floor and harming yourself.

Another great thing about frameless shower doors is their aesthetic appeal. Compared to shower doors with huge and heavy frames, you will enjoy the look of your shower room when you have these frameless doors installed. In case you are planning a resale of your home, these doors will add to the value of the home. Today, having frameless shower doors is considered fashionable and modern. You will be able to appeal to most urban families.

The amount of space you will save will also amaze you when you have frameless shower doors. You can enter the shower and leave without worrying about bumping your head on the frame.

There are many varieties of frameless Shower doors. Some of the frameless doors are adjustable. You can set them according to the size and shape of your bathroom and no one will be the wiser. You can customize the color and appearance of your frameless door to fit the theme of your bathroom.

Vancouver Custom Glass Frameless shower doors, are relatively cheaper than framed ones. This is because of the reduced need for additional accessories associated with frames and hinges. The cost of repairing frameless doors is also minimal compared to that of framed shower doors. If you bought the frameless doors at a price that you consider high, you will be amazed at how much you will save thereafter.

With Vancouver Custom Glass frameless Shower doors, you will not have many problems with ventilation of your shower. Even steamy showers are not much a problem as the steam has plenty of room to escape. Steam can cause buildup of moisture in your bathroom and thereby cause rust, mold and peeling of paint. Any sight of these by guests or potential homebuyers would immediately put them off.

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